MACBETH by William Shakespeare

A shadowy force makes an enticing promise to Macbeth, who has just returned home from war as a celebrated hero. Who could resist when opportunity beckons you to the throne? In partnership with his wife, Macbeth does his part to make the prophecy come true: The tyrannical couple shatter the order of kings with ever-increasing brutality. Who will prevail in the chaos of violence, power lust, and doubt?

Set in a mythical Scotland, the drama tells of a volatile political chaos. Taking action on the grounds of his promised destiny, Macbeth murders first for his political advancement, then to unsuccessfully alleviate an increasing paranoia. He buys “golden opinions from all sorts of people” but always fears “daggers in men’s smiles.” MACBETH’s world of defamation, mistrust, and spontaneous political improvisation provides a rich commentary on the fast-paced ruthlessness of politics and ambiguous diplomacies we are witnessing today.

Cast and Crew

CAST. Isabelle Bonin (Lennox) | Sofiya Chudnovska (Third Witch) | Simon Deggim (Macbeth) | Kimberly Dorn (Malcolm) | Merlin Gebhard (First Witch) | Clara Kasten (Banquo) | Margaret Metzler (Duncon/Doctor) | Aaron Meyer ( Second Witch) | Julius Nebel (Ross) | Kim Neumann (Lady Macbeth) | Jana Stüven (Macduff)

Director. Jasper Koch

Co-Directors. Marlon Hofmann | Sude Gül Schrader

Rhythm and Sound. Jenny Bergmann (Beatbox) | Merlin Gebhard

Costume, Hair & Make up. Bea Brücker | Lilija Nuri | Lydia Preusch | Karin Reisler | Lea Romer | Carrielle Somers | Hiwda Yildirim

Stage & Props. Henny Fleischmann | Nick Kalogerakis | Andre Liederbach | Levke Steinert

Lighting. Caro Mahrt | Lea Stankiewicz | Johannes Timm | Tom White

Poster Design & Program Layout. Ole Friedrich

Social Media. Charlie Bierend

Front of House and Helping Hands. Jenny Bergmann | Charlie Bierend | Leon Celan | Henny Fleischmann | Caro Gärtner | | Tim Gehlert | Steven Montenero | Sonja und Julia

Special Thanks. Abaton Kino | Serviceteam Audimax | Johanna Heinemeier | Kalliope Universitätstheater e.V. | Reza Sadegh | Savoy Filmtheater | Unifilm | Hanna Walter

Production. Charlie Bierend | Michel Büch

UP NEWS Nr. 71 | Jan/Feb 2024

Program Editors. Günter Daubenmerkl | Brigitte Wulf

Authors. Jasper Koch | Gesche Küper | Madeleine Lange | Lydia Preusch | Levke Steinert



Photos (c) David Heuberg