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| Be in a play

Be part a big production performed in the Audimax, Hamburg University’s largest lecture hall. Three months of intense rehearsals culminate in 8-12 shows. A demanding time with wonderful challenges and a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience in theatre and meet many people passionate about this art form!

| Improvise

We’re currently building the improv branch of the UP with a regular, open workshop every first and third Tuesday of the month. Our production AS YOU WANT IT – THE IMPROVISED MOVIE NIGHT was the first in a long time to make it beyond campus. Due to popular demand we’re presenting it regularly at DIE MOTTE in Hamburg-Ottensen.

| Write

UP News is a comprehensive program magazine that accompanies every production. The magazine illuminates the production from aesthetic, historical and artistic perspectives. This gives you the opportunity to gain essayistic and editorial experience and to launch a veritable publication.


Written and directed by Jenny Day

PREMIERE: Friday, 28 June 2024
More shows: 29 June / 1 / 4-6 / 8 / 10+11 / 13 July 2024
Shows start at 7.30 pm at the Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg

In the aftermath of the 1929 Stock Market crash, the enigmatic Harold Seymour, renowned owner of a prosperous games company, has left behind a tantalizing inheritance. Seven of his acquaintances are invited to a night of mysteries and puzzles, where solving them is the key to his riches that will save them from squalor. However, only one among them will emerge victorious. Delve into a realm where wealth, passion, and power collide. Who will prevail when the levee breaks and strategic alliances blur love, lust, and betrayal?

THE INHERITANCE GAME is a genre combination of gamified escape-rooms along the lines of “The Devil’s Plan” or “Glass Onion.” The play hits upon economic issues: the characters are all a higher social class – yet differentiated by the kind origin of their wealth – but have lost everything in the crash. The meticulously researched historical fiction explores bisexual life of the time and draws transatlantic connections between the poetry of EB White and “Die Freundin,” a popular lesbian magazine of the Weimar-era. THE INHERITANCE GAME takes place in a world teetering on the brink of change; step into the past and uncover the uncanny parallels between the tumultuous times of one century ago and our own.

Jenny Day is also the author of our 2022 production MURDER AT THE INN.

Graphic Design (c) Faith Maryn

Cast and Crew

Cast. Friederike Baier (Gloria the Great) | Hugh Burgess (Sebastian Lennox) | Carolina Pfau (Olivia Keymer) | Saneel Patil (James Smith) | Lara De Simone (Phileas Seymour) | Karin Reisler (Sophia Renalda) | Cay-Lando Kniplitsch (Manfred Pike) | Ricarda Kohl-Boas

Writer and Director. Jenny Day

Assistant Director. Saneel Patil

Stage Design. Florian Bergmann | Dmitriy Sherstnev

Hair and Make-up. Jenny Day | Lea Romer | Karin Reisler | Carielle Somers | Lilija Nuri

Photography. Irene Starkova

Poster Design. Faith Maryn

Production. Michel Büch

How to join

At the core of our activities are two main productions every year (one per semester). If you want to join our cast, you are welcome at our open auditions at the start of every semester. Usually, this means auditions in October and April but we diverge from that occasionally. You won’t be asked to prepare anything whatsoever, your lines will be given to you on the day. If your passions lie behind or in front of (rather than on) the stage, this is also the right time to come and meet everyone and tell us what you’re interested in. When joining the crew, everyone who wants to be a part of it, will be a part of it!

We are always looking for people in these departments: stage and props, costume and make up, production assistance, directing assistance, photo and video, lighting and sound, PR and social media as well as poster design and program layout. There is also the opportunity to publish an essay in the UP News. Depending on the production itself, we might also be looking for people with specific experience in music, choreography, visual design, dance and so on.

Once the cast is chosen, there will be an intense three-months period of rehearsals. We take our craft seriously, so it takes a lot of time and work, but it is always fun. We usually even try to squeeze a whole rehearsal weekend in there as well, where we really get to know each other and take part in creative and fun workshops.

Get in touch

| Contact us

You want to join a department? You have questions regarding shows, auditions or anything else? As we are usually off buying props or rehearsing in stage, our office is usually not occupied – therefore the best way to reach us is online. Just sent us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

| Newsletter

Never miss a premiere or an opportunity to join! Sign up and we will let you know about all show openings and auditions! Since we know newsletters can be annoying at time, we’re sending out mailings only about four times a year with essential information. Once you entered your email address here, please do not forget to confirm the subscription by clicking on the link you’ll receive via email.

| Our Instagram

We’re sharing all important – and some not so important but still fun – information on instagram. Audition dates, special offers, sneak peaks in rehearsals, trailers, competitions… Follow us there and you won’t miss anything!

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| Find us

You are trying to find us for a show or audition? Our stage is located in the University of Hamburg’s Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg. The Audimax is located on the ground floor of the building and wheel-chair-accessible. If you have any questions regarding accessibility, feel free to contact us beforehand or let someone at our box office know if you need assistance on the show night.