EQUUS by Peter Shaffer

17-year-old Alan Strang blinds six horses in a fit of religious fervour – or madness? Love? He finds himself in therapy with psychiatrist Dr. Dysart, who is wrestling with his own sense of purpose in the “adjustment business.” Dysart’s attempts to develop a doctor-patient relationship and understand Alan’s actions raise profound questions of sanctity, sexuality, and self. Are we free to choose what makes our lives worth living? Why do we love what we love? What does it mean to be part of the herd?

Based on a true story, Peter Shaffer’s modern classic explores the complex relationships between disease and divinity, devotion and disorder. With elements of physical theatre, choreography and music, this production creates an intense and vibrant live experience. Join the ride through the weeds of culture and condition in this thought-provoking, physical, and energetic performance!


More shows: 25+26 June / 1 July / 3 July / 5-8 July

All shows begin at 7.30 pm

At the Audimax, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg

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Cast and Crew

CAST. Farena Bajwa (Chorus) | Jenny Bergmann (Chorus) | Aakriti Dhawan | Mohammad Fathi (Martin Dysart) | Hannah Hiel (Chorus) | Marlon Hoffmann (Chorus) | Jasper Koch (Chorus) | Marco Scariot (Alan Strang) | Miriam Werner (Chorus)

Director. Henny Fleischmann

Co-Directors. Zoe Koeninger | Kim Neumann

Choreography. Kris Chekelova | Steven A. Novak

Rhythm and Sound. Jenny Bergmann (Beatbox) | Merlin Gebhard

Costume & Make up. Lydia Preusch | Marina Schünemann

Hair & Make up.  Melisa Abdi | Hannah Hiel | Jenny Bergmann | Lydia Preusch | Marina Schünemann

Stage & Props. Andre Liederbach | Levke Steinert | Ellen Werner

Poster Design & Program Layout. Ole Friedrich

PR and Social Media. Jenny Bergmann | Claudia Condorelli | Aakriti Dhawan | Leonard Schmidt

Photo and Video. Rahul Advani | Aakriti Dhawan | Leonard Schmidt

Front of House and Helping Hands. Svenja Borchert | Marc Borchert | Sofiya Chudnovska | Simon Deggim | Caroline Gärtner | Tim Gehlert | Mirjam Heyn | Julia Jänicke | Clara Kasten | Margaret Metzler | Justus Peters | Kathrine Rüdiger | Annika Simon | Patricia Sontheim | Miri

Special Thanks. Abaton Kino | Serviceteam Audimax | Johanna Heinemeier | Kalliope Universitätstheater e.V. | Jenny Kronemann | Cordula Kühn | Reza Sadegh | Savoy Filmtheater | Unifilm | Hanna Walter

Producer. Michel Büch

UP NEWS Nr. 70 | June 2023

Program Editors. Günter Daubenmerkl | Brigitte Wulf

Authors. Henny Fleischmann | Carolin Gärtner | Madeleine Lange | Lydia Preusch | Marina Schünemann | Steven A. Novak



Photos (c) David Heuberg