Current production

auditions for „a murder at the inn“ by jenny day will be held:

09.02.2022: 6-9 pm: audimax

10.02.2022: 6-9 pm: audimax

11.02.2022: 6-9 pm: audimax

Callbacks (invite only): 12.02.2022: 11:30 am – 3:30 pm room: erzwiss h

You do not need to prepare anything. Auditions are 2G+.
Just come by at any of the dates! Rooms can be subject
to change.

Everyone interested in joining the Crew in of the
departments (costume, stage building, public relations,
tech, stage management, assistant directing and many more)
is welcome to join us at the first readthrough

16.02.2022: 6-9 pm at the audimax