EURYDICE by Sarah Ruhl

I always thought there would be more interesting people at my wedding. (Eurydice)

The wedding day of the too-young and too-in-love Eurydice and Orpheus ends unexpectedly: Unable to resist the promise of a letter written by her deceased father, Eurydice finds herself at a stranger’s apartment. On her escape, she trips, falls and dies. In the underworld, where all words are lost but stones can speak, Eurydice is left with no memories of her husband and reunites with her father. When Orpheus’s beautiful music makes even the stones weep, the two are given the chance to return to the world of the living – and Eurydice is left with a choice to make. A tale of love, loss, and letters.

​​EURYDICE reimagines the classic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice not through Orpheus’s infamous pilgrimage to retrieve his bride but through the eyes of its heroine. The production departs from the myth aplenty to create an associative visual poem full of light-hearted humor and emotional intensity. With contemporary characters, surprising plot twists, and inappropriately seductive side characters, this play is a fresh look at a timeless love story.

Sarah Ruhl ranks among the most produced living US playwrights. She was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize twice, a Tony Award nominee, and has received the MacArthur Fellowship and PEN Theater Award. She adapted EURYDICE into a libretto for an opera of the same name in 2020, which was then nominated for the 2023 Grammy Awards. She is also an acclaimed poet and essayist, whose memoir SMILE was among Time magazine’s 100 Must-Read Books 2021. We present the play with an original score by Bremen-based composer and sound designer Ole Schmitt.

We are proud to have been invited with this production to the FEATS Festival 2024 in Antwerp (17-20 May). Our production was awarded the Grand Duchy Trophy for Best Stage Presentation.

Coproduced by the Amerikazentrum.

Presented at Hamburger Sprechwerk, Klaus-Groth-Straße 23, 20535 Hamburg

Cast and Crew

CAST. Farena Bajwa (Eurydice) | Aaron Meyer (Orpheus) | Steven Montero (Father) | Isabelle Bonin (Nasty Interesting Man / Lord of the Underworld) | Marlon Hoffmann (Big Stone) | Shelby Betke (Little Stone) | Claudia Condorelli Natarelli (Loud Stone)

Directors. Henny Fleischmann | Charlie Bierend

Music and Sound Design. Ole Schmitt

Costumes, Hair and Make-up. Lydia Preach | Anna Retore | Shelby Betke

Stage and Props. Andre Liederbach | Levke Steinert | Jasper Koch

Lighting. Paul Voigt | Sarah Naumann

Poster and Program Design. Felix Krebs

PR and Social Media. Ana Doga

Production. Charlie Bierend | Leonard Schmidt | Michel Büch

Photos (c) David Heuberg