the tempest

by william shakespeare

„Shakepeare’s “The Tempest” tells the story of Prospero, an ageing sorcerer, stranded on an island with his daughter, Miranda, a volatile sea creature, Caliban, and Ariel, an ethereal spirit. Desperate for revenge on his devious brother Antonio, Prospero summons a storm that shipwrecks a boat transporting the Italian gentry, a young lover, two drunks and a confused mariner. What follows is mad scrap with reality, love and duty between the enchanted visitors and the magical creatures of the island.

The University Players have prepared a darkbrooding production of the famous play, in which Prospero struggles with the inevitable psychosis of a lonely father. Having spent year studying magic, he finally has the opportunity to practice his powers before discovering he has not fully mastered them. The production as a whole explores themes of loneliness and loss, childhood and parenthood, as each character develops a singular way of coping with Prospero’s tricks and Ariel’s powers.“